WordPress – Sensei plugin auto grading of ALL question types

Sensei is a Learning Platform Plugin, with build-in Woocommerce integration. It is also developed by Woothemes, company which was recently purchased by Automatic (Owner of WordPress) to simplify building of e-commerce websites.
Sensei is premium plugin, means you need to buy it, but its also GPL, and has its development open on https://github.com/woothemes/sensei.

By The Default Sensei Supports only multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true and false, auto-grading. However in the recent project I have worked on I have encountered need for auto-grading the questions of the single line, multi-line and file upload types. So in order to do it we need to make couple of things.

I recommend create Site specific plugin for this modification.

First allow in administrator menu for this question types to be gradable automatically. That achieved with simple jquery.

Create the JS file, with this content:
and save it as sensei/sensei-admin-scripts.js

	$( 'input#quiz_grade_type' ).removeAttr( 'disabled' );
	$( 'input#quiz_grade_type' ).closest('p.form-field').removeClass( 'disabled' );
	$( 'input#quiz_grade_type_disabled' ).val( 'enabled' );

Then we create an index.php file with our plugin content

add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'load_custom_sensei_admin_script');

add_filter( 'sensei_autogradable_question_types', function($supported){return array_merge( $supported, array('multi-line','single-line','file-upload'));});

add_filter( 'sensei_grade_question_auto', 'sensei_autograde_question_score', 10, 4 );

function load_custom_sensei_admin_script() {
	wp_enqueue_script( 'custom-sensei-admin-script', plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ).'sensei/sensei-admin-scripts.js');


Update: 8/19/15
In future 2.0 Release it is planned to have ability to set questions without grading, enhancement which I have purposed back in july (https://github.com/woothemes/sensei/issues/962).

So this logic will be changed. But for now this solution works perfectly.