Angular Templates

Templates for Angular Development Prototyping.

One of the exciting feature of Angular 1.5 Is accent on use of Components.
Something that changes the way how you think about reusable parts of your application.
It helps to organised your thought around notion of independent components that serve focused job,
and responsible for themselves only. That approach will help avoid most common problems of angular
development called “Scope Soup”. If you have seen this $scope.$parent… you know what its about.

Problem comes when you need to make what seems small change and it turns in to debugging nightmare,
while you hunt down all places who access and modify same that object.

Anyway this post is not aimed on educating, there are quite of few materials on it already, however Less then desirable. Highly recommend this guide to help you convert your existing application in to components.


Component Template that include Angular 1.5, Lodash, Bootstrap, Jquery.

Simple Controller display.

Source for Additional Libraris for your own codepens: